MAGMA China was invited to attend the 14th China Foundry Annual Meeting and China Foundry Congress

The 14th China Foundry Annual Meeting and China Foundry Congress was held in Hefei from November 8 to 11 with the theme of "Strengthening foundation, Synergy and Digital Development". As every year, MAGMA China supported FICMES for this event. MAGMA China was invited to participate as an excellent partner in the China Foundry Congress 2020.

On November 9, aiming at the problem of the current high-end casting production, the organizer together with MAGMA held the Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Key Castings of Power Equipment Forum. They invited the leading enterprises from hydropower, nuclear power, thermal power, wind power and other fields of authoritative experts, talking about the development trend of electric power equipment key castings and casting technology with industry colleagues.

Yale Yan, technical director of MAGMA China, presented a report entitled "comprehensive optimization of production process for large castings in power generation industry by MAGMASOFT®", mainly presenting the application of MAGMASFOT® from three practical application cases from different perspectives.

On November 10, MAGMA China participated in the Lightweight Casting Technology of Automobile Forum, where MAGMA application engineer Dr.-Ing. Moritz Weidt presented a report entitled "optimized casting design - utilizing the full performance of a structural automotive cast part during the design phase by simulation and frontloading ". To overcome the limitations that are posed by the design freeze and a finalized casting design, casting simulation should be implemented as early as possible in the development process of a cast part. Simulation results can be used to optimize the cast part as well as the casting system in a cost-effective manner and avoid quality instability in the final product. Using virtual DoE conducted by MAGMASOFT® can be utilized to find the best possible production parameter window and increase the process robustness even further.

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