The 15th MAGMA Greater China User Group Meeting & 10th Anniversary of MAGMA in China, the 1st SIGMASOFT China User Group Meeting

The 15th MAGMA Greater China User Group Meeting & 10th Anniversary of MAGMA in China successfully drew in nearly 300 participants from various industries – automotive, engineering, education, manufacturing and media. The event was held at the Suzhou Hyatt Regency Hotel, during December 5th and 6th, 2019.

The event consisted of a two-day program including presentations during a technical MAGMA User Meeting, the sharing of latest advancements in the metal casting industry and the benefits of the newest release of MAGMASOFT®. Experts from casting buyers, foundries, academic license users from Universities and SIGMA China made excellent technical reports. Mr. Mathieu Weber, General Manager of MAGMA in China, started the event with a welcome speech, followed by Dr. Marc Schneider, CEO of MAGMA GmbH.

Guest from China Foundry Association, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Executive Vice President and General Secretary, delivered a speech. On behalf of China foundry association, Mr. Zhang congratulated MAGMA China on its 10th anniversary and the successful launch of the user meeting. Later, Mr. Zhang Zhiyong made a report on the development of foundry industry and analyze the data of China foundry industry in 2018. Representative of the FICMES, Mr. Qu Xueliang, editor-in-chief of Foundry Magazine, congratulated MAGMA China on the 15th MAGMA Greater China User Group Meeting and 10th Anniversary and expressed his appreciation for MAGMA China's contribution to the foundry development and foundry technology progress in China. After the speech, he gave a report on the state of foundry industry at home and abroad and the development trend of foundry technology in China.

After the first day of the conference, MAGMA China arranged a special dinner for 10th Anniversary, including award ceremony, art show, lucky draw and other activities.

In the morning of the second day, the user meeting continued. MAGMA China divided the participants into Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Materials as well as SIGMASOFT® virtual molding, a “sister software” for polymer injection molding applications. They conducted in-depth exchanges in the forum, sharing application skills and successful stories.

The next MAGMA Greater China User Group Meeting will be held in China, on 3-4th December, 2020. At MAGMA worldwide, it is always our commitment to organize annual user group meetings to establish a platform for our software users to exchange knowledge, learn success stories from the MAGMA community and broaden their network with the peers in the foundry industry. We are looking forward to meeting you again next year!

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