Certification: A program to certify that the users have the experience and qualified education to demonstrate their capabilities and excel in casting simulation projects.

Different levels of certification will be obtained according to the score. The certification is a MAGMASOFT® module-based program. Users can participate in the certification of multiple modules.

The certificate will be presented at the MAGMA User Group Meeting which will be held in December. This certification will also serve as a notification that the organization employs users who can effectively apply MAGMASOFT®.



According to the assessment score, the certification is divided into a bronze certificate, silver certificate, and gold certificate. Users with a score of 60-70 will obtain a bronze certificate. Users with a score of 70-90 will obtain a silver certificate and users with a score of more than 90 will receive a gold certificate.


  • Users with a valid maintenance agreement
  • Participated in three training/coaching sessions, including Operation Training, Process Coaching, and On-job Project Coaching
  • Minimum of 1 year of MAGMASOFT® usage
  • Recommendation by the responsible MAGMA engineers
  • Up to 3 participants per license per year

Certification contents

  • Display of actual project and simulation report
    • Project requirements: Must be based on a product in mass production with multiple simulation calculations available; Test results for comparison purposes need to be available.
    • Requirements for simulation report: the report should cover relevant modules. The project should have filling and solidification results. If your test includes MAGMAstress, the report should include stress results.
  • Q&A
    • MAGMA engineers will score based on the presentation of the project.
    • MAGMA engineers will score based on answers to required and optional questions.
    • The average of the final scores of each reviewer is the user's final score.

Program Open Period: All the year (Click here for details)

Duration: One day

Location: MAGMA Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd      MAGMAacademy

Certificate Levels

Capabilities of Bronze Certificate users:

  • Familiar with MAGMASOFT® operation
    •     Able to set up basic projects independently
    •     Understand the project file structure and manage the projects efficiently
    •     Able to generate reasonable mesh quantity
    •     Able to correctly set up project parameters according to the real process
    •     Familiar with material data and boundary conditions in the database
    •     Able to use the batch function to queue up projects and adjust calculation sequence based on priority
    •     Understand basic simulation results
      •  Able to adjust scale correctly
      • Able to use X-ray correctly
      • Able to understand filling and solidification results, such as porosity, cold lap, air entrapment, deformation, and stress, etc.
  • Able to create a basic simulation report
  • Able to communicate with MAGMA engineers on MAGMASOFT® operation/application related topics

Besides capabilities of Bronze Certificate users, Silver Certificate users have the following capabilities:

  • Able to effectively optimize mesh quality
  • Able to understand and use various data and boundary conditions of the database
  • Able to use MAGMASOFT DoE, including parametric geometries and process parameters
  • Able to use advanced functions in preprocessor and postprocessor to effectively calculate and evaluate results
  • Able to assess casting defects based on simulation results
  • Able to interpret the simulation results of autonomous optimization and generate reports accordingly
  • Able to troubleshoot problems encountered in the simulation
  • Be able to carry out self-learning with the help of the MAGMA homepage and relevant manuals

Besides capabilities of Silver Certificate users, Gold Certificate users also have the following capabilities:

  • Having an in-depth understanding of material data, and being able to edit material data
  • Able to combine temperature measurement curve and reverse optimization to calibrate simulation parameters
  • Able to optimize casting structure and process parameters according to MAGMA simulation results and DoE results
  • Able to combine simulation with process reality and put forward solutions
  • Able to complete the project independently and achieve the project objectives
  • Able to publish technical articles about MAGMASOFT application in industrial media in China and abroad

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