The MAGMAacademy training center provides various educational offers dedicated to optimization of casting processes or casting designs and is a platform to share knowledge between experts. MAGMAacademy organizes all trainings, ongoing learning classes for customers related to MAGMASOFT®, as well as technical workshops and seminars. During these courses you will extend your knowledge about the efficient use of casting process simulation. You will learn how to interpret results correctly, reduce costs and increase the quality of your part.

MAGMAacademy’s mission is to provide educational resources to software users and to aid assist in the integration of casting process simulation throughout your entire organization.

  • Training: Start with an Operation training and then take on the specific Process Coaching and On-job Project Coaching. Using practical examples, you will learn about processes and materials with the focus on your application.
  • Workshop: Deepen your knowledge of MAGMASOFT® in one of our workshops. The workshops are specifically designed for users, who are experienced in working with MAGMASOFT® and want to improve their usage skills. Each workshop covers a particular topic and is designed to offer you assistance in tackling your casting application problems. You will learn how to increase your efficiency by using MAGMASOFT® for various areas!
  • Seminar: The seminars of MAGMAacademy are aimed at interested professionals and decision-makers who want to learn about the possibilities of simulation or benefits from the results. Apart from basics about specific materials or process-related topics, you will learn the
    methodical use and implementation of simulation results for casting development, tool design and production optimization.
  • Certification: A program to certify that the users have the experience and qualified education to demonstrate their capabilities and excel in casting simulation projects.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our educational offerings in our MAGMAacademy centre in Suzhou.
For further details please contact your MAGMA contact person.

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