The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times especially in the area of die casting.

Quality up, Costs down

Cold-chamber die casting is the preferred process for high volume production of light alloy ... 更多


铝铸件通常经过热处理,以提高机械性能,同时降低铸造过程中产生的热应力。热处理过程包括3个步骤。 更多

Solving Casting Surface Defects

The wall thickness of this speaker housing was very thin at about 1. ... 更多

Analysis of Transmission Case Shrinkage Defects

In a high pressure die casting for a transmission case, a shrinkage defect was revealed after ... 更多

Extending Die Life by Eliminating Cavitation

The cover and ejector halves of a high pressure die casting die showed severe cavitation ... 更多


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