MAGMAinteract® is a software for the visualization of MAGMASOFT® results. This free 3D-viewer enables the intuitive display of information exported from MAGMASOFT® (starting from release 5.4.1). MAGMAinteract® promotes communication between all parties interested in MAGMASOFT® results within an organization, as well as with suppliers and customers. This quick and easy presentation of information creates the basis for sound decisions.

Key functionality of MAGMAinteract®:

  • Interactive visualization of 3D MAGMASOFT® results
  • Animation of mold filling, solidification pattern and tracer particles
  • Visualization of mold filling, solidification and distortion as well as quality criteria including results on pre-defined cross-sections
  • Interactive evaluation of designs of experiments in parallel coordinate diagrams


面对高质量、高产量的压铸件需求和高额的压铸模成本,东莞鸿图精密压铸有限公司展开了压铸模3D打印镶块的实际研究。 更多


意大利的Tecnopress公司多年来运用基于MAGMASOFT® 的虚拟试验方法改进汽车部件的生产工艺。这就允许公司可以在不影响生产成本的前提下达到规定的质量水平。 更多

Methodical Assessment of Different Casting Layouts

At ZI in Bergzabern, Germany, the new virtual experimentation capabilities in MAGMA5 were ... 更多


对于重庆大江美利信(CDM)而言,生产中的目标很明确:产品研发快,制造过程可靠,产品成品率优化。这些目标适用于各种各样的铸件,同时包括新产品和通用产品。最近,铝制汽车支架的生产实现了优化。 更多

DGS 生产出全球最大的压铸件

太阳每个小时向地球辐射的能量足以满足全世界人口一年的能源需求。为了更好地开发利用太阳能, DGS Druckguss Systeme AG公司(瑞士)的St. ... 更多

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